The ALGOL Programming Language-then and now

The ALGOL(Algorithmic Programming Language) developed in the mid 1950’ s with the aims of:

All these goalswere acheved by an international Committe  in the late 1950s’ in a report entitled Algol58 followed by other reports etitled Algol60 and Algol68 respectively .Like many other languages it had a few problems here and there:

  1.  Although machine independence enabled developers to be more creative it made implementing more difficult.

Despite the fact that the commercial populatrity of the Algol Family was not as great as other languages in its time such as Cobal and Fortran, but  you could say that its algorithmic structure was, which made it the most important language of its time.

Languages which were later developed  after(B,C,CPL,Pascal,ADA just to name a few) were all influenced by the ALGOLfamily in some way or the other  for example:

As well as other ALGOL like syntax patterns .

So with that we hail the original implementers of the ALGOL language for if it wasnt for them most of these languages that we have come to love wouldnt be. 

**               - wikipedia**

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awesome thanks for this post

donaree - Feb 1, 2012

awesome thanks for this post

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I’m no tech head but I get the point of this blog,I’m here typing this and listening to music at the same time, if it was not for the original creators of the algorithm all this probably wouldn’t be possible. So for all you out there enjoying the benefits of 2 and forgot that you first need 1 you need to talk a closer look at this brother is saying. Hail to the original implementers of the algorithm for it was they who set all this in motion.



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