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Recently i was on techjamaica in their forums where im a regular and one of its members posted a video of persons being being tricked into thinking that what they were testing out was the new iPad 3 which really were iPad2s, check it out here .

What fellow posters in the the thread and i kept talking about is how Apple is able to reproduce the same iDevices with not much major changes to the hardware or software and continue to reap a lot from it, but as usual there are always going to be devoted apple fans that hate  when you talk the truth. I might sound as if i hate Apple but i dont,  in fact i love using there products.Then what is the reason for this post ? is merely just to give users of these products a heads up when upgrading to the “latest”.

Reasons to get an iPad 3:

Reasons not to:

 I hope you found this blog interesting and if there is something you need to clarify you can contact the author here or leave a comment and i will try to reply as soon as possible.

You can follow or even come and join the thread at techjamaica here  where im sure you’ll be able to find and reason with some of the best techies around.


You forgot the most important reason not to buy it…

owen - May 2, 2012

You forgot the most important reason not to buy it - its too expensive and the ipad4 is going to blow it away!

arnt they all

its an endless cycle

I am fully agreed with you, it seems that you have a good writing skills, thanks!

thank you

Yes, I am strongly agreed with you, please keep writing like this.
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