The Epic Battle-Starting or Ending?

Over the years we have gotten accustomed to  the fighting for the top spots in computing between two major companies.
One company you could say is power hungry and tries to have complete control over its users and the other company not so much as it allows its users to make modifications to an extent making it the greater of the two evils in my opinion.
As some of you readers might have already guessed im talking about the epic battle between Microsoft and Apple, two of the biggest household and commercial names when it comes on to desktops, laptops and recently tablets.
Both Microsoft and Apple have come a long way in there competition  but all that may change in the future, how is that you may ask,  i can sum it up all in one word Google.The growing popularity of the Android operating system has started taking its toll on both Microsoft and Apple as it has started taking over the mobile market with alot of good reviews coming in from both developers and its loyal users.

We now find that a great number of developers have started to switching over from developing for  apple and Windows Os  devices to android powered devices as it allows them to do almost anything vs apple that basically tries to control everything from the phone, to the Os and to the apps and Microsoft who chooses not to manufacture phones for now but dictating rules about the type of hardware there Os should run on.

Hackers have already ported the Android operating system to netbooks and also to the Pc here. With this it seems Google has gained quite the momentum it needs to recover from recent losses, but is it enough to tame the ever growing popularity of Microsoft and Apple products among the younger users , or will they fail where others have in the past.

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u have some interesting points there

Anonymous - Feb 2, 2012

u have some interesting points there

So basically Apple is trying is take over the world…?

i honestly agree. but wht r u sayin about the future of apple and windows OS'? r u sayin tht they will eventually lose customers due to the fact Android OS has a big take-over and hackers are finding more valuable resources in importin the Android OS' to computers?

yes more or less…in my opinion users want to be free and thats why it is bound to happen someday

please read carefully and stop assuming

But fragmentation is one of the fustrations with Android - which is why both Apple and Microsoft exert some level of control over their software.
Free isn’t everything; note that free Linux lags behinf Microsoft and Apple.

i beg to defer…the reason why microsoft and apples operating systems has some control over linux is because they create and sell computers which only comes with their operating system while linux is not a product owned by any one person or company


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