Auto unlock gnome keyring with SDDM

In GDM+GNOME, when you login, GNOME Keyring is automatically unlocked. However, it doesn’t do so in SDDM+KDE. When you start some GNOME or Electron application, they ask you type login password again. Here is a solution! Edit /etc/pam.d/sddm and add #%PAM-1.0 auth include common-auth auth optional account include common-account password include common-password session required session include common-session session optional auto_start sources -

Ubuntu: unresponsive touchpad at login

I have been a Linux user for many years and now and then I come across an issue that I’ve never seen. My current Ubuntu install has been around for about 6 months and recently I noticed that my touchpad no longer worked whenever I got to the login screen. This I assume came about as a result of me switching between desktop environments (installed KDE for about a month now).

Flutter gridview simple pagination

In this post i’ll cover how to do a quick and dirty pagination using the GridView widget in Flutter. This approach will also work with other components such as the ListView or just a collection of widgets layed out in a Column or Row, with a few tweaks of course. If you just want to see how it works, you can have a look at it here running on dartpad.

Ode to Reggae

Growing up in Jamaica, I was naturally exposed to Reggae from an early age. Reggae music on a whole, is the expression of our everyday life, what we see, hear and talk about. It’s an amalgamation of our ancient roots , traits passed down through the descendants of slaves and freedom fighers, spiritual and great tribe leaders from the great planes of Africa. For every great reggae tune there is the shadow of a heroic spirit, ancestors watching over and guiding it’s descendants, never Letting them forget where they came from.

The Fortran Programming Language

Written September 5, 2013 One of the oldest programming languages, the Fortran programming language known mainly for its strength in numeric and scientific computation, was developed in the 1950′s and first published in 1957 by IBM in San Jose California as the first known high level programming language. Fortran came about at a time where programmers only had the opportunity to create programs using assembly and machine code which came with several downfalls such as it was:

Death of the PC

Written December 27, 2013 The discussion about the death of the desktop has been raging for a while now. In fact in 2010 the death of the PC was predicted to have occurred by 2013. It is now the end of 2013 and a new timeline will have to be declared. There still remains plenty of doom and gloom but I doubt the PC will become extinct anytime soon. What we are seeing is an evolution to small form factors.

Faster than Linux??

sphinux is an open-source posix-compatible operating system developed under the GPLv3 and running the Egyptian LSX kernel architecture. This open-source operating system claims to be much faster than Linux and that its memory usage can even be 3x less! This is an operating system with some of the wildest performance claims ever seen. check it out - source

How People Think

Recently i was on techjamaica in their forums where im a regular and one of its members posted a video of persons being being tricked into thinking that what they were testing out was the new iPad 3 which really were iPad2s, check it out here . What fellow posters in the the thread and i kept talking about is how Apple is able to reproduce the same iDevices with not much major changes to the hardware or software and continue to reap a lot from it, but as usual there are always going to be devoted apple fans that hate when you talk the truth.

Ipod 3 looking to be like its predecessors

According to a post on the iPad 3 looks set to launch at the same price as the iPad 2 according to a tip-off published by 9to5Mac. Accorging to them there post not only will the iPad 3 cost the same as the iPad 2, but it will also be available in the same three sizes as its predecessor – 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. original story here.